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Zunduri was the exclave of a dyer for 6 years, but she survived the coups and the crisis

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Zunduri she was a teenager rebelde, to the extent that she ended up with a man whose mother didn’t consider anyone suitable for her daughter, with whom she lived an abused man both physically and psychologically. The only one salida who met her, came home to the offer that one of her friends asked her to live with her, and work in it family shopa dye shop.

Llegó to live with the lady Leticiabut within three months it seemed that I lived in a dream, from which I obtuved the love of a mother as never before, from which I had a heart, food and clothingthe hicieron will start with domestic labs in the family home, and God above first steps inside the dye shop.

The shop was located in the Tlalpan alcaldía. Credit: Google maps

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Lamentably everything bad results inside the dry cleaner’s, he lost his shirts and had many complaints; After one of those many failures, Leticia ended hit herand the second generation of all the taken ones arose in one deuda for Zunduri who obliged her to pay with trabajo. Comenzo la explotación laboral. I owe it to you quemaban take them, among other things, the deuda self extendedalso the work.

“Over time the goddess was increasing, increasing and increasing, until the point where she was a priceless goddess”, revealed the woman. She also there obligaron to sleep on the floor of the shop, you won’t start if you don’t give them away comeras soon as they were allowed bathe no podía go up to the street. It was three years ago that he was there exclavizada.

The first time he tried to escape, he was after the cacharon stealing 100 pesos of a shirt. They also endured her abuse, and with her hot plancha I put it on her arms to keep them quenched. You log in to one safe place whence if refugebut Leticia I logró to meet her to cobra her a sum of 65 million pesos, presumably from the deuda. Complaintably returned to the lower dye shop amenazasusually only within three months to finish paying.

Zunduri god on witness with Silvia Olmedo. Credit: Silvia Olmedo / YouTube

For a year the insights were respected don’t hit herto give her de comer and allow me to have one life much more digna. Passed by 12 months I decided to talk to her to start looking for new opportunities, but I met a coup including the lounge desmayada; comenzó there exclavit another time

Over the next two years the work increased, every 5 minutes I bought a shirt, every half hour was a half day, and every hour was a day. In case of not completing the work, recibiía coups with a pole on the side Leticia and of his three hijas, included on my friend, who took it ahí.

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A good day, before my birthday Zunduri if you escape, Leticia, buy one cadena and they grabbed her by the cuello, admonishing her that only she would be safe dead of that dye shop. They kept holding her continuously amarradaloved one tube from where there was no possibility of climbing, but one good day they were mistaken in placing the chain; It was three days that the woman planned to escape her.

The family was detained and they were told 30 years of prison. Credit: PGR

Please monitor your routine over various days cadenay jump for the evening part of the venue. She toasted a plate on the patio, then went up to it garage y se echo a run. However she didn’t ask report To keep a lot of sleep, what prevents them will be attended to in a hospital. She finished reporting to all those responsible before the authorities.

The authorities detuvieron a Leticia Molina, José de Jesús, Ivette Hernández, Fany Molina y Jannet Hernandez. After one process, each receive a total of 30 years de carcel for the crime of deal with people in its modality forced work against a younger age.

Also, you will tend to pay one fine from a million 49 million 250 pesos; as well as 58 million 491 pesos per concept of medicines compensation in favor of the victimup to 727 pesos por economic sanctionsbut what will last longer repair of the damage with respect to rehabilitation.

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