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Your car hits the truck, there are five accidents

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A serious accident involving a car and a truck left as many as five people and two units with significant damage, reported the Municipal Police of Guadalajara.

These events occurred during the storm of December 1st, when a BMW car, driven at excessive speed, violently impacted a truck that completely collapsed.

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The accident occurred at the crossroads of Vallarta and Chapultepec avenues, in the American colony of La Perla Tapatía, an area known as the epicenter of night life in the Japanese capital.

According to reports from the local media, some of the drivers did not respect the red light of the traffic light, which was the occasion of the violent collision that caused the blocking of the important avenues.

Report five injuries

Preliminarily, the authorities reported that at least five people were injured, one of which was transferred to a local hospital for their attention.

At this moment no detainees are reported, although experts from the General Fiscalía de Justice of Jalisco are located in the area reporting data about the accident.

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