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Youngsters who wanted to avoid an assault and lost their life in shock on the Leon-Aguascalientes autopista

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Tres young people lost their livesplace of that chocaron against a trailer above the Autopista Leon Aguascalientes. According to the first reports, those who watched last December 9th, when the victims wanted to go to their home, the place to end their work in Guanajuato. Preliminary versions state that during the journey, the victims encountered huge stones on the asphalt and when they crashed they ended up losing control of the unit as they traveled.

Following the search for the León snake’s house, the youngsters encountered huge stones placed on the asphalt – which are used by criminals to damage the drivers’ vehicles and attack them – therefore, when trying to escape they lost control of the vehicle and hit a trailer and the retaining wall.

Three people were on stage. Photo: special.

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Young people can hit a trailer to try to avoid an assault

Security elements received a report of the incident and arrived at the scene of the people, which they agreed upon, while they hoped for the arrival of the tax elements and experts to carry out the levantamiento of the bodies. Dos de los fallicidos They were identified, while the third victim was not yet recognised.

A young injured person was also reported in the area, all of whom were transported to the hospital to receive medical attention timely. Now if you know his health status. The authorities informed that those who are still alive investigated and hope that in the next few days new information relating to the case will come to light.

The thieves put stones on the road to attack the drivers. Photo: special.

Criminals use stones to attack conductors

In the last few months, truck drivers and private vehicles have noticed the presence of stones on some of the country’s main roads and motorways. Since witnesses have seen this modus operandi, criminals place stones as a tactic to force vehicles to detain them, at the moment in which they will perpetrate them asaltos. Before this situation there is a series of recommendations for drivers:

  • Handle with caution and always stay alert
  • Respect the speed limits
  • Avoid distractions like your cell phone or playing music at high volume
  • If you receive an impact in your vehicle, you will never be detained in the area
  • Follow your path to a place where you can be detained and call 911, for example, a gasoline station

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