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Young people hit the taco spot in Tlalpan; iban at excess speed

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The medicine of this day 29 a group of young people sufrieron aparatoso accident when impacting the vehicle against a taco block that is found above it Tlalpan shoesat the height of the station Metro Portalesthe first information from the authorities reported that the young people were experiencing excess speed.

In videos that circulate in the social circles one can observe how the youngsters’ vehicles were completely wrecked with their tires having arrived. Due to the speed of lifting the chofer he lost control and found himself against a jar that was just to the side of the taco place. The tripulants of this unit were struck until the moment it was over that in this accident some of the three young people who were on board the vehicle lost their lives.

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Elements of the first aids were brought to the scene of the accident to give them attention, in the video you can see that one of the youngsters was taken in an ambulance to be transported to a hospital and was valued by the medical staff.

Mexico between countries with more traffic accidents in the world

Follow the data of National Institute of Public Health (INSP)Mexico occupies the sixth place in the world in deaths due to traffic accidents, with 24 million deaths per year in the meantime and the third place in it Latin America.

For the World Health Organization (WHO), road safety is considered as an assumption of public health due to its importance, The situation is alarming, because countries have designed strategies and investigations through which they intend to detect which type of variables can affect the degree of accidentality .

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