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Young people go to the streets of Metro Cuitláhuac

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A new intent of suicide occurred in the installations of the Collective Transport System. Now it was the Cuitláhuac station, on Line 2, where a young man tried to attack against his own life.

De acuerdo con los reports de los primeros respondientes, el youngApproximately 22 years old, he had voluntarily dropped in step with the convoy, which led to the station of Meter.

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Immediately, elements of Civil Protection, Banking and Industrial Policy y Metro Industrial SecurityPlease note that the electrical energy is momentarily cut off to begin the rescue work.

Unfortunately, the young man was removed from life on the streets of the Metro. Once stabilized, he was transported to an ambulance Rescue School and Medical Urgent Care to a hospital for subsequent care.

Energy shortfall causes harassment among users

The rescue operations that occurred in the accident at the station Cuitláhuacwhat happened to the rededor at 8.30 pm, provoked the advance of the trains in the Line 2one of the largest competitors of the Collective Transport System, was slowest.

For this reason, users of the Meter if they were queried in social circles, so that in some cases, how people would meet in the same station Cuitláhuac y others, how Cuatro Caminos or Pantheonesthey were left behind by the trains.

Acuerdo with your own Collective Transport Systemthe journey and the frequency of them trains returned to approximately average normality afterward.

If you know someone who needs help, you can call the Life Line telephone number 800 911 2000. It works for 24 hours of the 365 days of the year at the national level. The specialists will accompany you in a personalized manner, following up on your needs until the completion of the project.

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