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young detainee Cristian Carranza makes controversial revelations

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The case of the young Cristian Vanllely Carranzato those of their school classmates the gasolina burned so that they can then take the fire in Texcoco, State of Mexico, follows from what is said in the midst of the consternación and enojo of a large part of Mexican society. Most recently, a video was circulated in social circles in which it was observed. Oscar “N”, allegedly responsible for killing his companion, gave testimony regarding what happened that day.

By understanding what is learned in the grab, just a little more than two minutes of duration, the young man held by his implication descarded the acusation what he brings above him, respect to who was the person who took fire from his companion. In the clip he told the details of how he was now unaware of the success that he shared and consternated with thousands of Mexicans who had only been known for so many days.

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Oscar “N” denies that he is the one who took the life of Cristian Carranza

Cristian Carranza keeps quemaduras on his lips and genitals. PHOTO: Special

In the clip, distributed on the red social X, before Twitter, Oscar “N”, until the moment he found the only one detained in the case as the alleged person responsible for taking her down Christian, he told me what happened when he was detained as his companion ended with quemaduras on the piercings and genitals. I realized that his version of him during his transfer was violated on his human backsides and that during his transfer he was exposed to take photos and videos.

Furthermore, he assured himself that it was never his intention to take Cristian’s fire, who he considered to be a bully and said that with this they would be relieved: “Christian I’m very fond of it, since 15 days I’ve given gasolina to another companion who is younger than he was, I’ve given up gasolina to myself and the gasolina too has been killed. His best friend Hugo covered them with a flame, knowing that he had gasoline and that was how Cristian was set on fire”, he heard them say in the video.

Cristian never suffers bullying: Óscar “N”

Oscar “N” appeared in a video giving his version of the story. PHOTO: Special

In the recording Oscar “N” I said at no time Cristian Carranza there was terrible bullying, or otherwise, because the young person was burdened by his companions who were with me school self-propelled She also flatly denied that they were making fun of it for not having a motorcycle.

“You can tell that he was the one who did it bullying because we had older companions, we were very fond of him, then we had to play, we didn’t go back to anything seriously, we passed on the lance with younger adults, because we were still fat, if we thought of anything like that, only iba to do desmadr**”, he declares in the video.

How was it to hope, sus declarations they triggered a series of reactions and great controversy in the red social “Habla derechos humans when he took fire”; “He is a liar” and “As it was, he committed a crime”, were only a few of the comments that the users shared in the publication.

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