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Xiaomi presents first electric car, possible Tesla expertise

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The technology company has been around for more than 3 years Xiaomi until presented on primer electric cokewith which chinos you can compete with other brands in the world-wide sector.

The CEO of the company, She Jun he presented the SEU 7 in a crowded room and was interested in electric vehicles where he showed three types of different colors that could be on the market and confessed his ambition: he would be a world champion.

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The company that also telephone factorytablets and watches, announced in 2021 that it would launch this car because it expected it to generate controversy in the automotive sector.

Direct competence of Tesla?

Beyond the presentation, prevent the brand Tesla by Elon Musk It is confirmed in the competence that the Chinese company occupies the right place in technology producers.

According to the announcement, the president of Xiaomi indicated that the car with batteries and autonomy of up to 800 kilometers will be marketed by 2025. The electric car will be equipped with electronic products and programs built by the local manufacturer BAIC, reported by the president.

“The goal is to become one of the top five manufacturers in the world after 15 or 20 years of hard work,” Lei Jun said during the press conference and ensured that China holds the top global automotive market.

What is Xiaomi?

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi experienced a meteoric rise in recent years in offering high-end devices at affordable prices and selling them directly online.

Unknown cases in the outside world at its beginning, Xiaomi was included in 2021 by United States in a black list of companies due to alleged ties with the lowered army.

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