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Work only 4 days a week with ChatGPT, Nobel price winner Christopher Pissarides

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Work only 4 days a week with ChatGPT, Nobel price winner Christopher Pissarides.

To install ChatGPT. Ever since this word has come into discussion, all kinds of speculations, stories and stories are hot in the market. Some are telling its advantages, some disadvantages and some fear. This time Nobel laureate Christopher Antoniou Pissarides has told ChatGPT to be helpful in moving towards a 4-day working week.

The ChatGPT revolution has paved the way for the 4-day week. Productivity will increase with its help.

Christopher Pissarides, 2010 Nobel Price Winner

During an interview in Glasgow, Pisarides said, ‘I am very optimistic that we can increase productivity through this.’ He further added, ‘We can improve our health with our work and now we can rest more. We can easily go for a 4-day week.

Through OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, we have created a strong technology to increase productivity and with this we can provide millions of white collar jobs.

Pissarides said that technology can also take a subversive stance such as invading one’s privacy or conducting surveillance. But at the same time it can make a big difference in productivity, if used properly.

Pissarides said that we can give a lot of our boring work to them and we will be left with only interesting work to do. Due to the rapid progress of companies towards technology, the difficulties of the employees will be greatly reduced.

There is really no limit to work if people want to work. But a lot of time would have passed by the time it has an effect and by the time that time comes, people would have adjusted themselves. In this adjustment only you have to up-skill yourself a bit.

Veteran investment bank, Goldman Sachs said that generative AI is expected to create 300 million jobs. The economist of the bank also says that with its help there can be drastic changes in productivity and GDP growth.

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