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Woman reports home in the Metro of Colombia; On her aggressor I told her that she would not display it in the bedroom

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By the way of the red social X, (before Twitter) a young girl Colombian with the name of user @Lebanesdurant, reported that he was the victim of abuse on public transport from Cartagena to India in Colombia, the young man describes how he felt when a type of inappropriate movement caused an unnecessary collision.

The Colombian describes in a thread of this red social that she expanded due to the next, but she reacted quickly and took on the subject of the car that was trying to escape from the situation that was about to get to the transport station. The chofer of the unit was responsible for the accident and God warned the security guard who encountered him in the station so that he would proceed to detain him.

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Minutes afterward policy they arrived at the meeting place and proceeded to the detention of the suit, at the same time the guy pointed them out to the woman who would have to reconcile that the attacker didn’t wonder that he was expuesto in social circles, a situation that didn’t matter to the girl right away to whom he reported it. She welcomed the labor policies that occurred when the young woman panicked.

Different are the measures that have been implemented in Colombia to counter the sexual abuse. PHOTO. ARCHIVE

Alarms Colombians about the issue of sexual abuse in the country

According to the Procuraduría General de la Nación, according to the reports of the Estadística Delictiva of the National Police, “between January and August 2023, 8 million 295 sexual crimes against minors were presented in the country; of which 4 605 million were against boys and girls and 3 690 million against adolescents”.

According to the report, the cities where the largest number of complaints are concentrated are Bogotá, Cali, Medellín, Ibagué, Santa Marta and Villavicencio.

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