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Woman avoids the clothes on her hija and stops the alleged criminal: VIDEO

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A woman avoided being robbed of her child when they were traveling on a bicycle, the outrageous video shows the 28 seconds of terror experienced by her mother and her child, who happened this morning in the municipality of Ecatepec, State of Mexico.

En la grabacion if she approaches as she walks along a lonely street arriving on the bicycle, the mother goes ahead and the little girl goes further, in this moment a white car if they match her and her mother turns and tries to speed her up on the bicycle, she sees her as she hugs someone or someone when a man appears outside her dressed in a black sweatshirt, khaki trousers and tennis shoes.

La menor trató de alejarse del sujeto Photo: X Jorge Becerril

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Hasta que logra detener la marcha de la bicyclethe mother intends to accelerate until the end, begins to push it and it grabs the little one of approximately 12 years of age to take it up, the child is about to play but it is the hug to play it while the mother decides to just ride the bike.

The mother begins to give her bags and confront him about who she is, the suitor insists on asking the youngest child to part ways and the mother comes running towards him to welcome him. Finally the man stops his action on him and submits to what he was waiting for, meters away.

The video shared by the journalist Jorge Becerril was captured by two different people security cameras who entered the street, it happened this Saturday at 8:45 in the morning.

The woman confronted the alleged delinquent Photo: X Jorge Becerril

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