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Will there be 3 days of darkness by the winter solstice? NASA makes it clear

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With the light of the winter solstice in social circles a noise has begun to emerge which is certain to be heard three days of darkness total on the planet Earth. Content creators on platforms such as TikTok and Facebook have shared these expectations, generating ideas among Internet users; notwithstanding the National Aeronautical Administration and Space (NASA) you position yourself in relation to it and clarify what will actually happen.

After checking with the agency, the rumor began to circulate at the end of the month of November. Internet users who shared this rumor are sure to start on the 21st December In 2023 there will be three days of total darkness in the country planet Tierrathis was apparently caused by a solar storm: “the world will enter total darkness for three days starting from December 21st as a consequence of a solar storm”, specifies the rumor.

The phenomenon will apparently occur on December 21st. Photo: freepik.

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Will there be 3 days of darkness by the winter solstice?

Before the false information, the NASA detail that it is not true and will not be recorded three days of darkness for the winter solsticealthough yes hubo one solar storm. According to the agency, on December 14, 2023 the Sun emitted a “strong” solar call, which reached its maximum point at 12:02 pm that day, but this will not cause a significant impact on the planet Earth.

Before this solar storm, NASA reported that the past August 7th saw another similar solar storm. According to age, these events normally occur with each solar cycle, which lasts approximately once years, but do not represent a mortal danger for humanity. In respecto, Jennifer Dooren, here is the latest news article NASAhe commented – for the news agency AFP – that the publications alerting for three days of darkness are false.

NASA desmintió los hechos. Photo: freepik.

NASA looks at social media videos

“A similar false viral story has circulated repeatedly for more than a decade, and the NASA I have not issued a statement with this false statement,” said the agency’s news report. The investigator indicated that there is no scientific evidence to confirm that the sun can be paid, and this will only occur in the event that the star disappears.

In this context, the authorities urged the population not to be concerned about false news and not to share information that is not corroborated by the corresponding authorities.

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