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Will the 40 hour work day also apply to home office workers?

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In the recent forums of the Parliament Open around the summary of the working day 48 to 40 hours a week, it is planned to exclude the initiative to the workers in remote working mode, popularly known as home office. During the Fifth Forum, carried out last Monday 13 November, proposals were made to avoid possible negative effects with the implementation of the medicine.

Previously, due to the anxieties of representatives of the business sector, adverse effects were highlighted in terms of costs, product levels, salary insecurity and lack of employment to fill vacancies. Anyway one veteran jornada allowed the workers more time to descan To live with your family and avoid illness, during the discussion the proposal arose not to apply the reform only in certain cases.

Last Monday he reached the fifth and last forum regarding the review of the working day. Photo: Special

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Why not apply for home office users?

Francisco Javier Peniche, abogado and specialist in right labor, suggested that the 40 hour day should not apply to people working at home, arguing that these employees are not suited to the hours of displazamiento diary at their working places; además, he planted one gradual reduction of the working day in line with article 116 of the International Trade Organization (OIT), proposing that employers assume the responsibility of enabling employees.

Por su parte, ponientes como José Reynol Neyrarepresentative of the Confederación Autónoma de Trabajadores y Empleados (CATEM), pronounced in against the initiative to consider that not enough has been studied and discussed; Above all, they argue that there are no economic and social conditions for a reform of this situation, which contemplates the reform of part A of article 123 of the Mexican Constitution.

One of the suggestions around the reform is excluding being implemented in teletrabajo mode. Photo: Special

When will the summary of the working day be discussed?

Currently the debate over the initiative persists, with the question of what to expect Mexican workers work 6 hours a dayOr better, the structure of the working week should be modified, going from 6 to 4 days, with 8 working hours, to avoid the 40 hours per week. However, even if there is uncertainty, the possible exclusion of employees in home office if it percolates how one of the central points de la. discussion

Although there is consensus to approve the initiative in the Chamber of Deputies, there are still difficulties, as when dealing with a constitutional reform it also has to be approved by the Senate of the Republic and for at least 17 states of the country. I keep track of it in my diary El Paísthe serious proposal discussed y voted the next one November 21stbefore the end of the current period of sessions in San Lázaro.

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