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Who was Juan Carlos, an influencer left outside a bar in Angelópolis?

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Juan Carlos Trujilloa young influencer identified in social networks as “Jhancarlo“, was asked in a ataque wardrobe place to go to the bar called Mangoes located there Angelópolis, Puebla. They took place last Sunday December 17th and until the moment is over General Tax of Justice of the State start the corresponding investigations.

The first investigative investigations have revealed that Juan Carlos he was the victim of an alleged attack by less than five men. If it is assumed that the creator of the contents in the back was being feared by the responsible subjects of a truck, therefore they will look for it and come to the rescue.

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Who was Juan Carlos, an influencer left outside the bar in Angelópolis?

Juan Carlos was a corredor de autos. Credits: Instagram/jhancarlo_cars.

Juan Carlos Trujillobetter known on the internet as “Jhancarlo“, he was a car runner who dedicated himself to buying cars. Indeed, the majority of publications that appeared on their digital platforms were focused on this topic.

Only on Instagram, Juan Carlos There was a community of more than 21 million followers with whom they shared a series of videos and photographs of the units they handled. In his contents, it is possible to contemplate his vehicles, car grabs as well as part of his personal life.

Social media users complain about the influencer’s failure

Followers will explain their good wishes. Credits: Instagram/jhancarlo_cars.

Afterwards, we need to know the regrettable failure of the Juan CarlosMany of his followers tried to express their condolences. In the last publications that the influencer made, the users and the internet users wanted to be calm while they showed empathy with his family.

With comments such as “Hasta el cielo hermano, fuiste, eres y semperás semper el mejor”, “vuela alto bro, continuarás siendo el mejor” or “Thanks for sharing your passion for the ships with us”, your followers recognized the work that “Jhancarlo“I shared them in life.

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