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Who was Dorian Herrera, a sentimental match for the magistrate Jesús Ociel Baena?

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The death of Dorian Herrera y Jesus Ociel Baena, magistrates of the Tribunal Electoral de Aguascalientes, has caused commotion and indignation among hundreds of people, who have come forward to move to demand that the case be declared by the Fiscalía of the entity. It was the morning of Monday 23 November when a domestic employee encountered the bodies of two victims inside a living room located in the Punta del Cielo neighborhood, in the La Soledad colony; the corpses presented signs of violence, so they immediately took the authorities to the house.

In the case that holds in the country, the tax collector of Aguascalientes, Jesús Figueroa, God knows that as of now there are no indications that the house has been forced; In the same way, the employee will be informed that the security cameras of the division will show that Dorian Herrera y Jesus Ociel Baena They were the only people entering the life, so the first assumption suggests that “everything can happen between them, it is said, that injuries could be caused between them”, according to the words of the owner of the Tax Agency summer.

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¿Who was Dorian Herrera?

From knowledge obtained in social circles, Dorian Herrera was a sentimental match for the magistrates Jesús Ociel Baena; they apparently had a relationship for three years. Compared to Dorian’s personal data, there is not much information, but presumably he presented himself as a 37-year-old abogado.

Let me mention that in his social circles Dorian shared very little information about his private life. However, he transcended that in 2012, when he was 26 years old, he was elected as Mr. Model Mexico in Aguascalientes, where he supposedly originated from. In his last publications, Doria took photographs of his travels in Paris, San Francisco and Las Vegas, as well as cars and other men he had.

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