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WHO recommends restricting travel to China to repudiate respiratory viruses

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The World Health Organization (WHO) ensured today that I do not recommend at the moment “any restriction” on travel or trade with China Given the recent increase in cases of respiratory illnesses in the Asian country, all travelers should still follow the usual recommendations.

The WHO asked travelers to follow the usual recommendations. PHOTO: AFP

“In general, people should avoid traveling if they suffer from symptoms of respiratory illnesses and, in the case of symptoms during or after travel, they are encouraged to seek medical attention”, stated the spokesperson of the WHO Christian Lindmeier, who wanted to apply now “specific medicines” for travelers in China.

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WHO advises you to stay at home if you experience symptoms of respiratory disease

The WHO recommends using a mask, looking away from sick people and washing your hands frequently. PHOTO: AFP

After informing the health authorities of the Asian giant, the introduction of preventive measures against the COVID-19 promoted the circulation of pathogens responsible for viruses such as COVID-19, but also of the virus of gripe or mycoplasma (habitual in cases of childhood pneumonia).

Before this situation, the WHO Recommend the Chinese population to follow similar measures to the tomatoes during the pandemic of the COVID-19Such as using a mask, keeping distance with sick people, checking at home to see if they experience symptoms, washing your hands frequently or ensuring good ventilation.

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