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Who knows about the family of the young man who shot the guard and why it went viral in the red?

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The case of aggression in it Lomas de Angelópolis en Puebla Made by Patricio P. against the security guard it was once again well-known in the social circles where the users tried to show others that the family where the father of the student was involved Anahuac University, Carlos Pereyra y on pareja Paola Mercenario.

Through X (before Twitter), if you want to know the antecedents of the family Pereyra Mercenarywhere the bond between the family and the politics of the company that owns it was shown Carlos Pereyra in a service that toasted for the government of Morelos in 2021, I read with the account @Libro_negro_.

Following reading:

Hello to the woman who grabbed the young man from Angelopolis by hitting the guard who accused him of wanting to peg his father

Guardia de Lomas de Angelópolis breaks the silence, ensures that you will report to Patricio “N” before the FGE

What are you missing from Patricio P.’s family?

MAL-PER Consultants It is the name of the company of Carlos Pereyra that was contracted by the territorial unit of Morelos, the payment for the toasted service was of 20 million pesos, I was also convinced when presenting the document that the political analyst showed in X to send it to the National Transparency Platform.

Carlos Pereyra is tied to the government of Morelos. Photo: X @Libro_negro_

While Paola Mercenario also received the government of Morelos a payment for 50 million pesos In June 2022, he will offer his service regarding personal knowledge and experience, the same tour that Patricio’s father carried out in his company that was part of the beneficiaries of the Fideicomiso Fondo Desarrollo Empresarial and promotion of the Reversal of Morelos.

Previously, the users of the redes accused that the fathers of the young security guard devote themselves to being “facturers”, a form of evading impuestos. Asymism, transcended that Paola Mercenario is recognized by her relationship with the world of politics as Paola Tradewho is general secretary of the Institucional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Paola Mercenario is linked to the PRI. Photo: X @Libro_negro_

Also, please contact the ex-gobernador of the entity, Graco Ramírez Garridor. Patricio P.’s mother keeps records in the Ecologist Green Party until at least 2016. The woman who was exhibited in a video in the red where she appears to be attacking another woman in Cuernavaca, currently collaborates with the security company MetLife.

In this regard, the company issued a statement describing the aggressive behavior of its employees. “With information that has been circulating in social circles about an independent agent connected to MetLife, we strongly point out that this type of action and behavior does not correspond to our corporate policy and the strict codes of ethics and conduct that we require. We criticize any act in this way violence”.

While Carlos Pereyra also entered into a discussion with the security guards of Lomas de Angelópolis who was taken for the shape as he attacked the people. The governor of Puebla expressed himself over the case by classifying it as a class issue for which he turned the charge to the Tax Office.

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