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WHO issues alert on trax: which countries have reported deaths

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There World Health Organization (WHO) he advised in his last evaluation that the brote de antrax declared en Zambia After November 1st, it could spread rapidly throughout the country and in older countries if an emergency plan is not put in place immediately.

Five countries in Africa have had their brother intrax with more than 100 suspicious cases and 20 deaths this year, but for the moment they have only been notified of “sporadic cases”, informed the WHO.

The risk for human health is high, warns the WHO, given the multiple exposures of the population known to the manipulation of corpses of animals that have died suddenly and the sale of meat from infected animals, with the consequent associated skin and gastrointestinal antrax.

The brother has a meeting in these countries

“From the five countries, Zambia has been reporting on its worst population since 2011, with new ones from its ten affected provinces. As of November 20, the country has been informed of 684 suspicious cases, 25 confirmed and four deaths,” the WHO reported in a press release signed in Lusaka, the Zambian capital.

In its latest bulletin, the WHO warns that this breed has an unprecedented threat because it affects the new ten provinces of the country and there is a “considerably high” risk of it occurring due to the frequent displacement of animals and people, in particular a Angola, Botsuana, DRC, Malaui, Mozambique, Namibia, TanzaniaUganda and Zimbabwe.

The earlier brothers were limited to the provinces of the North and West, with sporadic cases throughout the years. It is to be noted that Zambia informed antrax brotes both humans and animals in the Western Province in 2017 and in the Eastern Province in 2016 and 2011.

Among the countries in which we can find Angola, Botsuana, DRC, Malaui, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
Photo: AP

What are the symptoms of Antrax?

Acquired with information from the medical journal The LancetAnthrax, also known as carbuncle, is an infectious disease caused by bacteria Bacillus anthracis. These organisms are formed by spores, resistant structures that survive long periods in the environment.

This type of bacteria is known as it is zoonoticas, it is clear, that it is possible to transmit animals to people. You can become infected by direct contact or by products derived from animals and consumed by humans. The most well-known hospitalists are:

The main symptoms are the following, and once the bacteria enter the body they can become active in different periods of time. After one hour, approximately 3 weeks after the first contact. However, this illness can be presented in the following way.

It is a zoonotic disease
Photo: Pixabay

Cutaneous antrax: in the immediate area a plague appears that causes sting and as time passes it changes color to black, among the symptoms that appear are vomiting, fevers, muscular pain and head pain

Antrax gastrointestinal: It begins as food poisoning that causes abdominal pain, vomiting of blood and diarrhea.

Antrax pulmonar: he trudges through his body like a common refreshment but advances with difficulty in breathing

One of the most complete treatments to attack the disease is antibiotics like the penicilin.

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