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Who is Luis Enrique Orozco, interim governor of New Leon?

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Days of political tension, Luis Enrique Orozco he was finally ratified by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation as interim governor, elected to be the burden of the Congress of New Leon.

For six months, the period during which the license requested for lasts Samuel García Sepúlveda To compete in the presidential elections of the next year, Orozco will be in front of the new executive.

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The Supreme Court approves Luis Enrique Orozco as acting governor

Samuel García announces that he is officially separating from his cargo as governor of New León

Samuel García could not return to high school in New León until the controversy over the interim governor was resolved

Professional qualification, Luis Enrique Orozco It has mushroomed as a counter color of the helper Monterrey and vicefiscal of New León. Precisely after this last cargo he faced the crisis for the investigation of the Debanhi case, because he acted as voice of the dependency.

What is the trajectory of Luis Enrique Orozco?

The interim governor of New Leon It is a training abode. His studies were conducted at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, where he concluded them in 2003.

During the government of Adrián de la Garza Santos in front of the alcaldía de MonterreyOrozco carried out the municipal counter paper practically throughout the period, from October 31, 2015 to April 10, 2018.

On the following page it was the vicefiscal registered with the General Fiscalía de Justice de New Leóneven those who exercised for five years and only one hour ago, when the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ordered that he be effectively appointed as interim governor.

Anyway Samuel Garcia signaled that, at the same time Arturo Salinaspresident of the local Tribunal Superior de Justicia, Orozco was ineligible to access the cargo of the governor, a year ago his own politician advocated it so that he could get cargo of the General Fiscalía de Justice de New Leónsomething that the vicefiscal said.

Last year, Orozco was asked to make known his advances in the investigation of the femicide of Debanhi Escobarincluding the first theories that propose that a blow to the head is the cause of the death of the youth.

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