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Who are the Mexicans kidnapped by the rebel hutíes in the Red Sea?

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With the confirmation of the External Relations Secretariat (SRE) following the participation of the Mexican marines in the Galaxy Leader ship seized in the Red Sea by the rebel hutíes, one of them was identified as Arturo Zacarías Mezawho is originally from the municipality of Misantla, Veracruz.

Ayer, during the night, a Yemeni television broadcast the images of the moment when he saw them hutíes They took a helicopter to land in the hole. Once they were installed they joined the ship secuestrar here 25 people who were inside the vessel, among the two Mexican marines.

Arturo Zacarías is one of the Mexicans seized in Yemen. Photo: FB

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Who are the Mexicans kidnapped in Yemen?

Arturo Zacarías is one of the two Mexicans who are on board the Galaxy Leader cruiser, the Veracruz native is part of the trip like the quarter engineer of the marines of various nationalities who make up the vessel that is captained by Japanese which is hoped for by an Israeli contractor.

Knowing about the capture of the Galaxy Leader, the family of Arturo Zacarías asked the Mexican authorities to help them urgently with the work to locate the Mexican mariner who joined their companion, who has not yet been identified, but they remain cautious in hands of the rebel hutíes of Yemen.

María Meza, Arturo’s mother, sent a message to the huts to free her son, and also to extend a petition to the people to give them an prayer so that Arturo and the 24 tripulants of the Galaxy Leader were freed safe and sound , he indicated with Azucena Uresti.

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