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White balance in Veracruz after New Year’s holidays

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Authorities report white balance in the state of Veracruz among the New Year’s celebrations. There are minor incidents recorded in distinct municipalities of the entity, from which two persons resulted injuriesuntil my life was in danger.

The owner of the Secretaría de Protección Civil (PC), Guadalupe Osorno Maldonado, indicated that hubo cinco accidents related to pyrotechnics and fires related to the area holidays.

PC elements are moved to await emergencies
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Pyrotechnic incidents

For the use of pyrotechnics if he registered el fire of a life in Coatepec, a flower shop in Minatitlán and a motorcycle in Xico, as well as an incipient fire in Córdoba due to the firework explosion on a balcony, without injured people.

“In the new year in Veracruz we saw five accidents due to pyrotechnics, including two fires related to holidays, with a total of two injured people who could not compromise their lives,” he said.

The official was forced to know that an accident also occurred in the municipality of Úrsulo Galván in which a person resulted in lesion I’m dedicated to installing pyrotechnics in my hand.

Fires due to a horn and a short circuit

Similarity, a fire was recorded in a living in Xalapa for a horno placed on the bases of Madeira, and a short-circuited fire in the Christmas lights of a Christmas tree in a house in Veracruz, where a person was injured.

“We all have events not related to pyrotechnics, but yes to holidays, a life in Xalapa with a horn, with the work of a horn, and in Veracruz a house can find an electrical fault in the lights of Navidad resulting in an injury person,” insisted Osorno Maldonado.

Civil Protection God recommends to the inhabitants to avoid accidents during the holidays of the new year
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This New Year, Protección Civil Estatal will reiterate its recommendations for safe celebrations: do not handle illegally or after consuming alcoholic beverages, review electrical and gas installations, and avoid the use of pyrotechnics.

“We reiterate that every year we can still use pyrotechnics during the morning, that we don’t use pyrotechnics, that it is an unnecessary risk and that it is good that we work continuously to maintain our safety”, added the Secretariat of Civil Protection .

Operatives against pyrotechnics

In the case of Xalapa they were brought to the operational level with the aim of inhibiting the use of pyrotechnics, preventing accidents and fires and complying with municipal regulations.

Personnel from the Directorates of Civil Protection, Economic Management and City Security and Municipal Traffic participated in an operation against the wind of this explosive material in different areas of the municipality.

The pyrotechnics will be withdrawn as part of the operation
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During the operation carried out by the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) they traveled, among other points, to the Revolución colonies, Campo de Tiro, the Las Trancas area, the streets Francisco Javier Clavijero, Dr. Rafael Lucio, Enríquez, Altamirano and Revolución, from where the merchandise was withdrawn for its total incapacitation and destruction. For this reason, the procedure of sumersion in water is used and the dust is diluted in water for its disintegration.

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