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Where to buy King Kong Pisadas, CDMX’s most famous giant huarache

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Señora Margarita kept a dream, she was the one to make one of them comidas more refill and famous people from all over the Mexican capital, as they combined their work, the kitchen, the garnachaswith love for our friends gigantes of Hollywood films, giving that mixture increíble pisada de King Kong.

If it’s a huarache in the form of the color of the globally known gorilla, but full of all types of meatfrijoles, queso, papas, nopaleswithout forgetting the food sauce who will end up loving it all. Impossible to fit it in one go, this is its main feature.

A bomb of flavour. Credit: Google Maps

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Where are the King Kong Pisadas located, and when are the hours open?

S Pisadas de King Kong use a fully patented tortilla, and it is the most valid registered brand street food shops. Very shortly, until now, they have been able to climb the battle scenes against those monumental ancient figures of Tianguis.

These colors are located in it Río Blanco marketin the hothouse Venustiano Carranza. The complete direction is the Congress of the Union between East 91 and East 95. In the Metro Collective Transport System you can join the Line 4 and you are in the station Bondojito. As easy as it is simple.

They are the only and original ones from Río Blanco. Credit: Google Maps

How much money you need to eat in the King Kong dishes

Easy, you can enjoy it now 130 and 250 pesos, only to wear a huarache. Now, take the other cats like the fresh water, the ones refresheslas cervezas or hasta el postre included ahí. They also function as a foundation funny bullfightIf you are looking for a good huarache, you can order one or more for less than 100 pesos.

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