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When you will display the CDMX cellular seismic alert system

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Starting from the finals of the black month of 2024, the Government of the City of Mexico will provide a digital application for the service of citizens alert seismic which will work on all mobile phones that are distributed there capital of the country, with the aim of ensuring that the population can act effectively before a telecommunications event and thus be able to avoid deaths.

This system will allow evacuations to be more effective quickly.
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How will the CDMX seismic alert application work?

El Jefe de Gobierno capitalino, Martí Batres god to know the function of this Cell Broadcast, You know, it’s not just an app, but it will be one platform which will send a direct alert to the devices located in the country’s capital.

The alerts that are distributed on the CDMX will also work in the event of an earthquake.
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José Antonio Peña Merino, extitular of the Agencia Digital de Innovación Pública de la Ciudad de México (ADIP) furthermore, with this system, the phone enters the “SMS Flash” mode, with which you can turn on the camera, as well as the front part of the telephone to emit an alert sound.

What is the most reliable seismic alert app?

Nowadays, the Sky Alert application has been considered by users of digital apps as the most reliable to alert them over earthquake. It is available for devices iPhone and Android with the option to alert the alarms in real time and you will also find them with a cover national and global because its functionality is based on REDSkyAlert.

CDMX is considered the most connected city in the world.
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The CDMX, the most connected in the world

There City of Mexico It was recognized by the Guinness World Records for being the most connected city in the world with 20 million 500 WiFi points. In three years it went from 98 to 20 thousand Wifi points, which is located in the capital like the city of the world with the most access to Internet public, free and open, arriving from Moscow, Russia. At the access points more than 2.8 million are achieved connections Every week they exchanged 3.3 terabytes of information.

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