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When the family dies in their home, they investigate a possible murder-suicide

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In the Washington state, in the United States, five people were encountered in life, in which the authorities consider that they could be a case of asesinato-suicide. Having said that with the preliminary reports, it is clear that a person whose identity has not been revealed, I tell the police that someone will send a message to them that their family members have “hello to others” in the house.

In the beginning, the uniformed people were careful to confirm that everything was good, to verify the situation according to the message’s report. When they arrived at the location, they woke up and realized that they called the tactical teams and once they arrived they used a drone and noticed that they possibly had fatal victims inside the vehicle.

The causes are still not stable. Photo: X.

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What happened next?

The deaths appear to be a near-suicide, the authorities said, as well as the alleged person responsible for the four victims. Therefore, the agents substituted that they considered that they were not dangerous for the community. Likewise, the identities of the victims have not been published, but the Forensic Medical Office of the County of Clark says that it will take several days to reveal the identities and causes and forms of death.

Hay uncertain. Photo: Dall-e.

“Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we’ve seen something similar that affects our understanding in this way,” said Chris Skidmore, sheriff of Clark County. As a matter of fact, with average locals, some old people said that they didn’t know the family well, but they seemed like friendly people.

Suicide, a problem in United States

In 2022, United States will see an increase from previous deaths by suicide, surpassing any previous figure from 1941, as revealed by the CDC’s preliminary statistics. The number of lives lost due to this tragic phenomenon rose to 49 million 449, which means a rate of more than 14 suicides for each 100 million people.

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