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What is the mysterious connection between “El Chapo” Guzmán and the number 701

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When it comes to drug trafficking it is impossible to ignore the name Joaquín Guzmán Loera “El Chapo”, one of the world’s best known drug kingpins, together with the Colombian legend Pablo Escobar. I say that a man originally from Badiraguato, in the state of Sinaloa has caused not only a wave of the so-called “narco-culture”, but also children and family members have exploited his image by opening shops and stores.

Above the bezel of Guzmán Loera in the players, click and watch, one of the aspects that calls the attention of public opinion is his conviction with 701, a number which has been learned and read in songs, television programs and books specializing in safety.

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Below we explain why this number and above vinculación with “El Chapo” Guzmán, who on February 12, 2019, during a trial in the United States, was sentenced to a perpetual sentence for drug trafficking cargoes. Here we tell you everything you need to know.

The Mexican leader is an action figure for the brand created by his wife Alejandrina
Photo: Cuartoscuro

That means 701 for Chapo Guzmán

To understand the symbolism of this issue, let’s keep moving until the year 2009, when Joaquín Guzmán began to seek international fame and his economic power began to grow like the tentacles of a pulp. Including, his name went up in Forbes magazine.

In this publication, specializing in economics and finances, the Mexican drug trafficker is in position 701 with a fortune valued at a thousand dollars. He shared the place with magnates like him Emilio Azcarraga Jean de Televisa y Alfredo Harp Halú. His entry into the ranking of the most famous men caused controversy in that context.

The launch of the “Chapo 701” brand
Photo: Cuartoscuro

Later, in 2019, the day it was announced in the American Union, Alejandrina Guzmán launched a brand of the same name on her daughter “El Chapo 701”, He showed it first time during an exhibition in Guadalajara, the city where there is a branch open to the public.

The 701 also finds its way into the corridors of Peso Pluma and Luis R. Conriquez

The famous number also transcended into the musical sphere with celebrities such as Peso Pluma, Luis R. Conriquez and El Panter Bélico, all exponents of the new oil called corridos tumbados. Among the tens who have run in honor of the leader are “La 701” by Tito Doble P, first by Hassan Emilio, and “El Azul”, performed by Junior H and Gabito Ballesteros.

“In the blood I draw the 701, below the chavalón and if the extraña, we are sick, we are dead”, is said in one of the songs in Peso Pluma

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