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What Is The Most Important Thing To Become Rich? Get Rich With Planning

What Is The Most Important Thing To Become Rich? Get Rich With Planning

Everyone wants financial freedom in their life and everyone wants to become rich but do you know that to become rich you have to have a specific plan which we are going to talk about in this blog.

So if you have also not made your financial plan, then definitely read this blog and know how to do a financial planning so that you too can become rich and all these plans have been implemented by big entrepreneurs then definitely you should also do this for getting good results.

In a city, two people were talking to each other while sitting in a restaurant.

Kailash said, “Sohan brother, tell me one thing! We both have studied well, we also do a good job, we have also got good life partners. Everything seems to be fine but are you really happy? Or is something missing?”

Sohan said, “Kailash! You just said what was going on in my mind. Everything is good but still we are not rich. Our bank accounts are always empty even though we get good salary.”

Kailash said, “That’s the only thing that bothers me. By the end of the month, we feel like a poor person, whereas in our identity there are people whose salary is less than us but they are living a life of wealth.

Sohan said, “Why don’t we go to someone we know who is rich and ask him how do you become rich?”

Kailash also nodded yes and the very next day he reached a rich man in the city who was the son of a friend of Kailash’s father. His name was Lokesh.

It was sunday. Lokesh welcomed both of them at his farm house and made both of them sit in the room near his swimming pool.

Sohan said, “Wow! Is the cold wind coming? We will hardly be able to buy such a farm house.”

Lokesh smiled and said, “Sohan! There is nothing like this, you can also buy this kind of farm house, you just have to plan for it.

Kailash told the whole thing to Lokesh and said that we have come to take advice from you regarding this. Will you help us?”

Lokesh said, “I will definitely help you both. Both of you want to ask that why are you both not rich even though everyone else is good, while being like you, how did I become rich?

Both Kailash and Sohan shook their heads together.

Then getting serious, Lokesh said, “I have a question to both of you that whatever you both have thought of getting in your life till now, have you got everything?”

Together they replied, “No!!!”

Lokesh asked, “Out of the things that you have thought of achieving so far, which of the two of you have made your goal? And what concrete plan did you both make to achieve that goal?”

Sohan immediately said, “Me and Kailash are childhood friends. I completely remember that both of us had made a goal of doing engineering from a good college from the 10th class itself. and yes! While doing engineering, we had made a goal to get a job in a good company.”

Kailash did not stop, he also said, “We had planned well for both these goals. We went according to our plans and today both our goals have been achieved.”

Lokesh smiled and said, “Congratulations that your goals have been achieved but have you both only thought of becoming rich or have you made any goal for it till date? Do you have any concrete plans to get rich?”

Both said, “We have not thought of this till today.”

Lokesh then advised them both, “Whatever a person thinks of achieving, that thing comes to that person only when he makes a concrete plan to reach that thing by aiming for it.

Not only did you both think about doing engineering and getting a job in a good company, but both these things were goals for you and both of you had also made good planning to achieve these goals.

But now if you both want to become rich then make it your goal and go ahead with a good planning.

Now Kailash and Sohan started looking at each other. There was a gleam of hope in both of their eyes.

Sohan said, “Just want to ask one more question. That is, how do we plan to become rich? (How do we make plans to get rich) Also tell us something about making plans to get rich.

Hearing this question, Lokesh got up and sat outside the room on one of the chairs lying near the swimming pool and with the gesture of his hands called Kailash and Sohan out and made him sit nearby.

Then he said, “Now I want to tell you some more knowledge that I have about planning to become rich after seeing the eagerness of both of you. Don’t ask me any question in between. Just listen and keep understanding what’s in your mind.”

Both said, “Okay! You start telling.” Then the tea had arrived.

Lokesh picked up the cup of tea and after taking a sip of tea said, “You have to keep two things in mind while setting your goal to get rich. But you have to keep three things in mind while planning to become rich.”

“Keep listening to my words carefully and I sincerely hope that you both will listen to me with patience and apply them with enthusiasm in your life”-

What should be the goal of becoming rich?

Being rich means different things to each person. If someone will feel rich after getting one crore, then someone will not be able to feel rich even after getting 100 crores.

So each person’s goal may be different. You can make your goal keeping in mind your skills to earn money-

1- How much money do you want to earn to become rich?

While making a goal of becoming rich, you should decide how much money you need to become rich. This is very important otherwise you will never know when you will become rich.

For example, if you can make yourself feel rich by earning 10 crores then earning 10 crores should be your goal.

2- In how much time do you want to become rich?

While making a goal of becoming rich, you should fix a time as to how long you want to be rich. This is also very important otherwise it will not be possible to plan for the fixed amount.

For example, if you want to earn Rs 10 crore in 5 years, then include time along with debt in your goal.

You must decide both these things while making your goal of becoming rich. Also, keep in mind that your goal should not be such that you find it impossible.

Set goals according to your skills. The more skills you have to earn money, the bigger the goal you can make. If the skills to earn money are less then you need to increase them.

What should be the plan to become rich?

To become rich (How to get Rich) you need a solid plan. This plan should be according to your goal. For a good plan, you should keep these three most important things in mind-

1- The plan should be written on a paper-

While planning to become rich, you not only have to keep the entire plan in your mind but also write it well on a big paper and always keep that paper around you.

You should make several copies of this paper and keep it in your home, office or where you stay for a long time.

2- The plan should be such that it can balance your lifestyle-

It is most important that in order to become rich, you should make such planning yourself which does not affect your lifestyle, relationships etc.

This is because even if you become rich by leaving the essentials of life or at the cost of your close relationship, then there is no gain but loss.

Think if we lose our health in the pursuit of earning wealth, then there is no use. Therefore, keeping a balance in everything, keep a step towards getting rich.

3- Make your plan flexible-

Plan to become rich in such a way that if there is a need, then the planning can be changed a little bit. Keep in mind that some changes can be made in planning here, but the goal of becoming rich will always be the same, which should never change.

Making planning flexible is important because over time we can incorporate our tools, methods and new ideas into the plan and remove the things that are not working as the road to success.

Lokesh became silent now. Then Kailash and Sohan thanked him and said, “We love your advice. We used to think a lot about becoming rich but did not make it the goal till today, did not think of planning till date. We have found the way. Now we go. Soon we will meet again at the pinnacle of success.” Both of them left with the same promise.



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