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What is Popocatépetl’s volcanic activity on February 24, 2024?

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On the last few days it flew Popocatépetl he registered a increase of volcanic activity, it is because the authorities of the Civil Protection of the state of Puebla, alertó to the population before the increase in volcanic death caused by the constant exhalations that it has emitted, for what impact on citizens

Through their official channels, the authorities who monitor “Don Goyo” in their diary have spoken out about this activity February 24th where the volcanic traffic light follows Amarillo Phase 2However, the probability of a dinner accident is high in the area Este In the civil state, the authorities have not activated any other protocol before situations that cause alarm among the people attacked by the volcano.

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Where can you go to the Popocaté petl dinner on February 24th?

De acuerdo al monitor which occurs due to volcanic activity and the exhalations of these residues. The dinner in case of emissions from the volcano could be directed to Este y Sur of the state, this is based on the model of HYSPLIT (model used to calculate atmospheric transport, dispersion and deposition of contaminants). These volcanic residues could drain caer in the following places:

  • Atlixco
  • Angelopolis
  • Mixteca

What to do in case of dinner at Popocatépetl?

The corresponding authorities have highlighted that before the increase of the fumaroles emitted by “Don Goyo”, the ways that can lead to the mensioned people, make the recommendation to citizens to maintain prevention and carry out the following actions before the risk of these volcanic deeds:

  • Barre la ceniza with a brush, no water uses
  • Place the dinner in a bag, pack it up and place it in the basket
  • Clean the surfaces with a plumber or microfibre
  • Use a container to avoid inhalation
  • No exposure to children, adults or pets. Make sure that all the family stays at home
  • Close your doors and make your way to where the dinner can be spent
recommendations from the authorities before the dinner date. | Photo: Gobierno CDMX

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