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What is erythrosine?, substance why Gari Gelatine is harmful according to Profeco

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There Poder del Consumidor magazine alerted the public to consume D’Gari brand grape flavored jelly to ensure that it contains a substance which could be harmful to health and lead to illnesses such as cancer.

Previously, the magazine publishes the contents and announcements of the Prophetic It was clear that these types of flavored gelatins do not match the quality that would tend to hold the product, as well as exceeding the limit of sugar and additives such as erythrosinea substance that can cause neuronal and physical problems.

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What is erythrosine?

From the announcement of the x-ray that I read in the magazine in its X-ray list, the name of the dye that purports to emulate the taste and color of the grape was revealed in the magazine as a “carcinogenic dye”.

In the x-ray of the product they mention the publicity that shows a bunch of grapes, but it states that “it does not contain anything”. In contrast, I mention that there is a lot of artificial colors and flavors that can affect children who usually consume it.

According to the announcement, erythrosine is also known as “red dye” and is used to prepare some desserts and foods, mainly milk products and its derivatives, such as: yogurt, queso, chelados, cream or cheek.

De acuerdo con la Federación de Alimentos y Medicamentos (FDA, by its acronym in English) has a list of dyes that are not permitted, including Erythrosin (E-127) or red violet that has not passed the test for certification.

The concerns that have been made about the synthetic dye suggest that consuming it can cause photosensitivity and could be cancerous, as well as neuronal damage that causes the onset of attention deficit disorder (TDAH) have not yet been verified.

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