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What happens China reputes children’s pneumonia respiratory illnesses

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China does not detect “unusual or new” pathogens related to a complaint illnesses respiratory systems in the north of the country, this year was confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO). North China detected an increase in “flu-type illnesses” since October in comparison with data from the previous three years, ensuring the WHO the honey.

In the announcement, the healthcare agency of the UN we solicited additional information from the Asian country regarding an increase in illnesses respiratory and fire neumonia in children”, reported in a press release published in red X. The Chinese authorities responded “that no one has detected unusual pathogen “New unusual clinical presentations, including in Peking and Liaoning,” said the WHO the games.

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Because the WHO investigates the rapid contagion of pneumonia in children, is it the same as Covid-19?

VIDEO: WHO provides more details in China on the extra cases of pneumonia in children that fall into hospitals

Increase in respiratory illnesses due to “multiple known pathogens”

The UN health agency solicited additional information from the Asian country “about an increase in respiratory illnesses and cancer outbreaks in children”. PHOTO: Special

According to the authorities, it concerns the “mentioned general increase of the las respiratory illnesses due to multiple known pathogens”, added. The National Health Commission declared last week to the press that the complaints of the illnesses respiratory obedience to the relief of restrictions anticovid and the circulation of other known pathogens.

The capital chinain the north of the country, a cold wave passes through, with temperatures which is expected much below 0 ºC in the winter, following mid-summers. The temperatures dropped when Pekin entered the high incidence time. infectious respiratory infections“, said the vice director and epidemiological expert of the Pekin disease prevention center, Wang Quanyi, in the middle of the summer.

Pekin “currently exhibits a trend of multiple pathogens coexisting,” he said.

Understand cases of respiratory illnesses and pneumonia in children

Last Tuesday the media and the public health surveillance system ProMED informed about cancer cases not diagnosed in children in northern China. PHOTO: Special

Is in the Children’s Hospital of the Instituto Capital de Pediatría de Pekín, journalists of the AFP saw numerous fathers with their children in the waiting room. A mother named Zhang accompanied her son for new years who, following her, had happiness. “Recently many children have been confirmed,” she assured.

It coincided with her Li Meiling, 42 years old, who had lived for the past two years neumonia by microplasma, a pathogenic which causes garganta pain, fatigue and fever. But the mother was not “particularly worried” about her advice WHO. “It’s winter: it’s normal that there are more cases of it illnesses respirators”, assured.

China detected on Tuesdays tumors of pneumonia not diagnosed in children

The WHO urges the population to take protective measures such as vacancy, maintain distance from sick people, use masks or wash hands well. PHOTO: Special

On November 21st, the media and the public surveillance system illnesses ProMED informed the brothers of the neumonia not diagnosed in children in northern China. There WHO further information on epidemiological and clinical information, as well as laboratory results of the foci detected in niños“.

He also claimed “complementary information on recent circulation trends agents pathogenic known, especially the gripe, el SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for covid-19), the RSV that affects babies and mycoplasma pneumoniae, as well as the degree of congestion in the healthcare system”, added the press release.

Meanwhile, the organization urged the population to take measures of protection as vacunarse, keep your distance from sick people, use masks or wash your hands well. During the pandemic of COVID-19which the first cases were detected in China at the 2019 finals, the WHO I reported to Pekin a lack of transparency and cooperation.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the WHO reported to Pekin a lack of transparency and cooperation. PHOTO: Special

The health agency of the UN and distinguished countries also denounced this failure of cooperation China in the investigation to determine the origins of the pandemicwhich still did not lead to definitive conclusions.

With information from AFP

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