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What happened to the surviving animals of the volcano in the CEM?

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Ayer, a trailer loaded with certain alive ones flew in the kilometer 4+800 del Exterior Mexiquense Circuit until 06:30 hours. Due to the accident, many of the animals survived, so that with the passing of the hours some volunteers improvised actions to save their lives, which moved many in the social circles and finally they became more helpful.

By accident, they started distributing videos of people like that dieron agua a los cerdos, who apostatised against the wall of containment of the Mexican Exterior Circuit. “Everyone respects these people, thank you for hearing them”, “truthfully, how sad”, “help them, please”, were some of the comments that the images provoked.

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VIDEO: Volunteers trying to help those who survived the disaster

Admiten recurso de Plaza México; have bullfights on Sundays and Mondays

Tour trailer with certificates at the Exterior Mexiquense Circuit

Acknowledgment with reports from communication media, including citizens who are looking for try to save After the animals, there are some veterinary surgeons to attend to the animals. The accident that occurred this morning in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, approximately at 06:30 hours, caused traffic to be blocked, so that the authorities arrived at the place to speed up traffic. At the time of the accident, different emergency bodies were attached to ensure the health of the chofer, who was left without serious injuries.

And even though the story was not well written, the captured words turned out to be a happy ending. 55 de ellos lograron be rescued for the “Seres Libres” foundation, dedicated to the rescue, protection and aid of animals, especially among the burros and horse carts or those who will be from the slaughterhouse, which would be the fate of the puercos who survived the volcadura of ayer,

“Seres Libres” I shared images of the state of the animals, to those who visited them at the meal or while staying at the hotel. Without embargo, he informed: “We are saving some of the surviving warrior angels, in the house of our beloved Eren. They are approximately 40 To the extent that we know all of us from here we go to there. Thanks to all who help in any way. Mañana We will coordinate and make decisions. Infinite thanks to everyone.”

How can you help me get the lost items from the volcano?

The foundation has rescued decades of butters and horses, which you can help directly at the hotel, founded by Renata Valencia and Elizabeth Soto, together with a team of expert people:

* PayPal | National and international donations | International donations* Store in any Mexico country or directly at our account number: 011 863 6168 BBVA | Libertad Animal AC

* CLABE (Clave Bancaria Estandarizada, Mexican Standardized Banking Code): 012 445 00118636168 4 BBVA | Libertad Animal AC

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