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What happened to Logan? The child who passed away is 20 years old, but can’t wait to meet his rest

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Hace two decades, Logan Nathaniel Bowman disappeared with only five years of age. Incredible as it seems, it has been to these finals 2023 when the hallazgo of its rests in a forest was confirmed Virginia en United Statesa place where they remained for a long time.

And it is that in the past year, the common authorities have met one of the rest of the humans in a Galax forest Virginia. The hallazgo remained next to a Winnie Pooh character’s bed and a sleeping bag. However, I have to spend a year to confirm that they belong to the category that disappeared in 2003.

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How did they encounter the rest of Logan after 20 years of being missing?

Through your official Facebook account, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Officeinformed that from the past 6 December 2022, the authorities will return to the area of Iron Ridge Rd en Galax, Virginiadue to the discovery of human remains in the middle of a wooded area.

“During the course of the investigation, it was determined that the remains had been in this place for a long period of time,” the authorities said.

There Carroll County Sheriff’s Office with the help of Othram Inc, a private company from Texas specializing in forensic genetics, they performed the corresponding ADN comparisons and finally determined that the rest encountered in Virginia corresponded to Logan.

The authorities acudiero in the area of ​​Iron Ridge Road in Galax, Virginia. Credit: Facebook/Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

Do you know that Logan’s disappearance was 20 years ago?

Acknowledgment with the information shared by the authorities, Logan Bowman I only lasted five years ago when Grayson passed away in 2003. Wait for the moment, Cynthia Davisthe biological mother of the male, as well as the entonces pareja of the woman, Dennis Schermerhorn, have been reported for their alleged participation in the years. However, for now, the authorities continue to carry out the corresponding investigations.

“This is still an ongoing investigation with new cargoes anticipated,” specified the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

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