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What does the Ley Ómnibus consist of? the project of Javier Milei who took the lead in Argentina

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In Argentina las demonstrations no surrender and approval in the general of the Ley Ómnibus They have no more time to spark revueltas in the streets and intensify the confrontations within the citizenship and the police forces. The security elements have attempted to pacify the progress of the protests with rubber balls and tear gas, but the non-compliant ones continue to insist on their arenas on the outskirts of the Congress.

The reform is based on a text of more than 350 pages with more than 650 articles which deeply replenishes the Argentine institutional bases. The project of Ley does not consider the priority of a decree, so that approval is necessary in the general one in the Chamber of Deputies to get started on the star project Javier Mileipresident elect of Argentina at the end of the past year.

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Argentine diputados aprueban in general the “ley ómnibus”, project star of Javier Milei

AMLO exhibits repression in protest against Milei’s policies

Javier Milei assumed the presidency in December 2023
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What does the Ley Ómnibus consist of?

The priority intention of the Ley Ómnibusde acuerdo with Javier Milei, and await with urgency the economic and inflationary crisis that Argentina is experiencing. In this context, the aim is to reduce the fiscal deficit and the intervention of the state in business matters. However, these proposals cannot be received with open arms, neither by legislators nor by Argentinians.

The proposal sparked a 12-hour mega protest organized by trade unionists who ensured that the law was careful against its labor rights. Before the large change, Milei eliminated articles related to the increase in taxes, the change in the pension system and the reduction of capital. However, more than 300 articles of the original text have been retained.

Milei’s assumption was accompanied by several protests
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With extended sessions, the official parties and the opposition discussed the crisis that is currently affecting Argentinians, on inflation above 210 per cent, which has made the cost of living exponentially worse. Please note that the Argentine peso is currently worth 0.0012 US dollars. Since the article was approved, it will be returned to Senate for the review of the legislators.

Freedom Advancesthe party of the representative, counts with only 38 deputies, who received the support of the Republican Proposal and the Radical Civic Union, so that they obtained 144 votes in favor with 109 against.

One of the pillars of this series of reforms, and which has triggered the inconformity among opponents and trade unionists, is the ability given to the president to omit legislative processes to approve initiatives directly, also called “extraordinary faculties”.

Argentines protest against the policies of Javier Milei
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Regarding privatizations, Milei seeks to declare distinct companies in the state “sujetas privatización”, it is decided that there are 36 companies in total. However, with the pressure for approval, we are down to 27 companies.

It is also proposed to limit demonstrations with the possibility of sanctioning for four years to organic people an event that affects road circulation. The penalty increases if the extortion is repeated for a greater number of assistants. Another controversial topic is the legalization of the recovery of boletos for sporting events, so that the enforcement of entrance tickets could not sanction the packages in the transactions.

Javier Milei promises “liberty” to Argentinians with monetary political risks

The political discourse of Javier Milei It is full of references to “liberate” the Argentines and eradicate the “political caste” that has done so much damage to the country. On the occasion of the protest, he stated that a new era was coming for Argentina, it would be possible to fight against the fiscal deficit and that we must carefully await the large number of liabilities held by the Central Bank, the institutional body that we want to eliminate in its totality.

He supported me monetary policies implemented during the current administration will affect the inflation levels of the coming months. Including, he advised the government’s decisions Alberto Fernandez could result in an inflation of 15 million per hundred years, to which you will be “with tools and resources to eradicate it”. Mile said these effects can last up to 90 percent of the population in the poor.


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