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What are the Mexican states with the greatest risk of tiburon attack?

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A young girl who was identified with the name of María Fernanda Martínez Jiménez lost her life where she was attacked by a tiburón en Melaque Bay located in the municipality of Cihuatlán, Jalisco. Despite the regrettable situation, he has generated a whole wave of panic in the people who usually enjoy the sea.

And that’s why the tiburone attacks are fine They won’t usually be so frequent in the beaches of Mexico, they are also impossible. Indeed, according to the International Archive of Tiburone Attacks (ISAF by its English acronyms) in our country 40 of these attacks have been recorded since the year 1907. What are the states with the greatest criminals? We count you.

Following reading:

Tiburón attacked and gave birth to a young girl in the beaches of Melaque, Jalisco

She is María Fernanda, the woman who faced a tiburon and died to save her son

How many states can I get to a fuel attack?

Since 1907 in 10 states of the Mexican Republic attacks on tiburones have been reported. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Based on the register of ISAFsince 1907 in 10 states of the Mexican Republic they have been reported Tiburones attacks. De dicha list, the entity of Guerrero Fill the first place with 12 cases of this type, followed by the following demarcations of the country:

  • Veracruz with 9
  • Quintana Roo with 8
  • Baja California with 4
  • Baja California Sur with 2
  • Colima with 1
  • Nayarit with 1
  • Oaxaca with 1
  • Sinaloa with 1
  • Yucatán with 1

What do you do before the presence of a tiburon?

Tiburones don’t usually stay in the orillas of the coasts. Credits: Pexels/archive.

Here are the people who love to vacation there Tue, you must go back to the fact that the tiburones are not used to being in the orillas of the coasts. However, in case you want to attend one of these mammals, you can take certain steps to protect yourself. The expert in tiburones George Burgess god a CNNthe following recommendations:

  • Apparently you were big
  • No te hagas el muerto
  • He intends to coup him
  • Tie the orilla as quickly as possible

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