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Weather in Mexico: where is the climate freezing and snowing this December 16th?

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The ComNational Water Museum (Conagua) God to know through the National Meteorological Service (SMN) that the Frente Frío número 17 it will spread towards the east and the country’s security, becoming different stragos as freezing climate or snow fall and water in the states of the country.

Protect yourself from the cold, Mexico will experience a day of freezing and snowy environments this December 16th

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In this sense, the authorities revealed in a short statement to the citizens that the Frente Frío Número 17 it will interact with a system of low pressure above el Gulf of Mexico and the polar and subtropical chorro currents, the same thing that will happen lluvias with different intensities:

  • Punctual intense in Chiapas and Tabasco.
  • Muy fuertes en Puebla, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Campeche.
  • Fuertes en Hidalgo, Yucatán and Quintana Roo.
  • rains and waters in the north and east of the Republic.
El Frente Frío número 17 will spread towards the east and the security of the country. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Además, habrá una polar air mass associated with the front that will maintain it “Norte” event with wind speeds of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour on the isthmos and Gulf of Tehuantepec. Veracruz, Tamaulipas, Tabasco, Campeche and Yucatán will also feature rachas up to 80 kilometers per hour.

Authorities informed the probability of snow and water fall in Mexico during the following days

These meteorological systems will be released in Mexico a freezing environment, especially in the high areas of Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua and Durango. There is also a high probability of being possible snow fall There is snow in mountainous areas with altitudes higher than 4,500 meters above the sea level in the center and east of the country, especially in:

  • Toluca
  • Popocatépetl
  • Iztaccíhuatl
  • Sierra Negra
  • Pico de Orizaba
There is a possibility of falling snow or snow in mountainous areas. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Previously, the National Coordination of Civil Protection issued some recommendations for drivers who may rush to one Nevada during the following days:

  • Avoid distractions while driving such as using your cell phone, making up on the move or reading documents.
  • It drives at low speed and takes intermittent lights.
  • Review the conditions of your car before getting on the road.
  • Observe the signals and the maximum recommended speed, especially if there is rain, granite, cloud or snow.
Friday in Mexico this December 16th. Credit: SMN

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