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“We need to talk about Elon”, Milei responds to a two-year publication from

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The elected president of Argentina, Javier Mileihe was exchanging messages with the multimillionaire and dueño of the red social TwitterElon Musk. A few days after announcing his triumph in the elections, the politician showed interest in holding a conversation with the CEO of Tesla, this is where the entrepreneur will show himself to be close to the ideals of the ultraliberal.

The exchange of messages between Milei and Musk is the place where the entrepreneur will share in their social circles, the video of an interview made to the president elect of Argentina. In the clip, the politician appeared by quoting a controversial phrase by Milton Friedman, which says the following: “a society that places equality at the forefront of freedom does not end in achieving anything.” In this way I heard Milei saying that “a society that places freedom before equality comes with much of everyone”.

The exchange of messages has caused strong reactions among the internet users. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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What does Elon Musk say about Javier Milei?

In the same way, in the interview – shared por Elon MuskMilei he recorded to the British philosopher, politician and economist John Stuart, asseverating that: “a society where so much has been achieved in the future is a society of plunderers and everyone, that is the history of Argentina”. Finally, the elected president of Argentina declared that “social justice is unjust, there is nothing more unjust than social justice. When you go for social justice, which is the redistribution of income, you basically see what you are doing use the State’s repressive apparatus to sacarle them to the successful one, to distribute them antojadizamente in function of the one who wants the one who is in the armchair”.

Even the Tesla CEO released the video Javier Milei, I didn’t make any type of commentary on the topic. However, thousands of Internet users took it as a form of support for the new elected president, because it is not the first time that the entrepreneur shows his support to the ultraliberal. Last November 19th, the place where the electoral results in Argentina were announced, Musk one commented publication in X, whence I say that with Milei’s victory there was prosperity in the country.

“Let’s talk about Elon,” Milei replies

On the other hand, the president elect of Argentina contested the video shared by the manager and wrote: “we need to talk, Elon…”, which in Spanish translates as: “we need to talk, Elon…”. Hello now, the CEO of SpaceX didn’t say anything like that, but the tweet from him Milei he received more than five thousand impressions and achieved just over 80 million “I like it”.

Cabe mencionar que Javier Milei He was a great critic of the news. During his electoral campaign he made much-debated proposals, such as privatizing everything that is privatizable and eliminating ministers to reduce the burden of the state; Furthermore, he commented that he will try to eradicate the Central Bank and stabilize the economy in Argentina.

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