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War of Israel, rise of Miles and extradition of Ovid: the events that marked 2023

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End of the year 2023 and with it we remember the steps of historical moments that impacted the world, the wars in the East or Europe, the game against drug trafficking and disputes in social circles are some of the trends that changed the lives of many people.

One of the announcements that moved to Internet users in 2023 was the wind of Twitter to the empresario dueño de Tesla, Elon Muskfor that reason I changed the name to

Follow the text:

Nobel Prize for Peace: what are the names that stand out and why the prize will be vacant in 2023?

Torre Latino: enjoy the last love of the year from the view

These are some of the memorable things that changed in 2023:

Advance of the ultraderecha by Javier Milei

The name of Javier Milei he continues in the trend to be designated as president of Argentina, the founder of the Libertad Avanza party positioned himself as an ultra-leftist leader who won over the sureños with a promise of exchange. However, his conservative proposals quickly drew attention and international criticism to the aim of destroying work in the matter of human equality and rights.

From his campaign he promised that he would withdraw various ministries to build the Ministry of Human Capital, that following the current mandate would not carry them to the nation and upon the next cargo position he would reunite with his cabinet to alistar the dynamic of elimination of at least 11 of these instances enter her: GreetingsEducation, Culture, Environment, Public Works and Women.

“¡Ministerio de las Mujeres, Género y Diversity, outside; Ministerio de Trabajo, Empleo y Seguridad Social, afuera!” Milei explained.

On his first days at the front of the country, he joined a union of workers who wanted to protest his social programs. He also announced the emergence of Argentina from the BRICS bloc.

Hamas attacks Israel

The 7th of October Hamas military group He surprised the Israeli community with an attack on the drug, this in retaliation for the restrictions that hold the Palestinians in the demarcation of the Franja de Gaza. Ahead of this bombing, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, declared war and launched an attack.

The war continues and has ended more than 20 million Palestinian and Israeli deaths, the minister and leaders of the Hamás group assure that they will continue with the war over the territory and the conditions that live in the East.

United States consigue extradición de Ovidio Guzmán

There Drug Control Administration (DEA) held as a priority objective Ovidio Guzmánone of the hijos of the chief Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and leader of the faction of “Los Chapitos” for what the government of the United States called on Andrés Manuel López Obrador to achieve his capture.

In an operational second called the second “Culiacanazo” I was referred to the leader of the armed branch of the Sinaloa Cartel At the beginning of 2023 he was charged with the Altiplano maximum security penalty. On September 15, his extradition was confirmed for the pending charges he holds with the Government of the United States for marijuana and fentanyl trafficking.

El fiscal Merrick Garland he celebrated the collaboration and warned that “the extradition of Ovid Guzmán will not be the last”.

AMLO presents conclusion of cumber work of his sexenio

On an 8 hour trip the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador inaugurated a section of the Mayan Train, the main work of his sexenio which was expected to increase tourism in the area and facilitate transport for the inhabitants of the South of the country.

“It’s a great job, let’s not exaggerate so much that there isn’t a job like this in the world”.

Peru breaks ties with Mexico due to AMLO’s influence

In 2022, the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo He was removed from his role to try to change the constitution, so that the government of Mexico offered the apoyo before the alleged violation to the human rights that supported the agent and his family.

In the morning press conference, President López Obrador spoke out on the matter and expressed his claim to the return of the power of Dina Boluarte at the front of Peru why in 2023 they formally announced that they would break off diplomatic relations with Mexico due to the president’s political interference.

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