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Vladimir Putin blocks the candidacy of his rival, Yekaterina Duntsova, for the 2024 elections

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The Central Electoral Comisión (CEC) de Russia the former president of television banned them Yekaterina Duntsovapostulate against the president Vladimir Putinen las elections of next March 2024following this commission it is reported that there have been errors in your solicitation of registration as a candidate.

The president of this organization, Ella Pamfilova, declared that the commission unanimously decided to reject the candidacy of this 40-year-old woman, who fights for the democracy. The report will only be produced three days after Duntsova will present documents to the committee in support of her candidacy and when she will be clear about her political ideology.

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Yekaterina Duntsova the woman who wanted to accept Putin’s mandate. PHOTO: AFP

Instead of denying her the candidacy, Pamfilova dedicated a message to the journalist, “You are a young woman, you have everything to do. Any inconvenience can always be converted into a plus. Any experience remains an experience,” I said.

Could Dutsova have liked Putin?

Duntsova have received it apoyo of the popular initiative to confront Putin in the presidential elections of March 2024, last week an independent congress was held where there were more than 700 supporters and the Russian Federation took the lead of 521. Dutsova announced her electoral plans in the media in November with the argument that the country has not advanced in the last ten years.

Duntsova is originally from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, she is a high school graduate and journalist. PHOTO: AFP

He also presented his main proposals for his campaign in which aboga to prevent hostility to Ukraine, the introduction of democratic reforms and the liberation of political prisoners, ideas that are not accepted by the president, Vladimir Putin.

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