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VIRAL VIDEO: Woman arrested against Mexican to talk in Spanish at Disneyland

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Through the red social media TikTok, one Mexican woman god to know that she was in Disneyland, United States, when a local girl came to her to claim that she would use it español inside the las installations of the park, complaint that turned violentit is included grosero.

Mexicana is insulted by a woman in the Disneyland bathrooms because she speaks in Spanish

Everything started when Eva Ramírez (as he calls himself in reds) I went to him bañosand a woman learned that the tourist protagonist of the video is a perfect talker of the españolof Mexican origin, so I proceeded to tell her that within the United States no deberia talk about it idiomand that was when encendieron los ánimos.

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“I’m in Disneyland and this lady taught me to speak Spanish. I say Maldita Mexicana. Repeat what you said, do you have a problem with speaking Spanish?”, says the voice behind the cell phone.

The video went viral quickly. Credit: Instagram

“This is America, I don’t speak Spanish in America. I don’t care, I hate the Mexicans. It’s true”, are some of the words that the woman threw out, arguing that she belongs to him United Statesand for that matter, nadie would have to talk about it another language that is not English

Apparently they are celebrating the birthday of the little boy, the woman who was insulted. Considering what she said in her latest video of her what she thought exposer a case like this, you can normally give her the same insult with him, finally if you can de las groserías, above all in front of the menor.

Eva welcomed the comments of all the people who support her. Credit: Instagram

The authorities intervened in the case of racism in Disneyland

“You no you are nadie to tell me that this is your country and it idiom que deberia hablar. I don’t blame myself for not being bilingual”, says the woman away from the cell phone that grabs at all times. Things finally calmed down when a female mayor of the bathroom got in, probably on abuela or hasta up mother or hermana.

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Another video captured by you cameras of the curious elder, captured the moment in which this woman is approached by the elements of security, and the discussion continues outside the bathrooms of the diversion park. If you don’t know, wait until the moment, that’s where it ends history de estas women.

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