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VIRAL EXPERIENCE: you travel on a full journey and end on the street of a foreign country, listening to RBD

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Cynthia It’s a traveler who counts his experiences through the red social network TikTok, but one of them was never too happy. In fact, everything is the opposite. During a trip to a país completely out of his way, if he was on the street because of a travel company presumably he stole her.

Traveler of TikTok advierte to Mexicans before possible andstafas in travel packages

I understood with what I was counting on experiencea company told her not to pay the hospital fee for her package, because you wanted to be wandering around the street for the redeemer of three hourslooking for a new hotel where you can go to sleep, but the night you have fallen into it Peruwhence it was.

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On video on the street you will immediately get to thousands of people, here are the people who will count the complete story time. At the bottom of your recording you can find a song by RBD called “Tras de mí” from the album “Nuestro Amor” from the year 2005. A classic that returned to the national idea before the reunion of the band.

Indeed, it can be deduced that she is an authentic fan of the band that came to the television project with the name “Rebelde”, starring great stars like AnahíDulce Maria, Maite PerroniChristopher Uckermann y Christian Chavez. At some point, Poncho Herrera it was also part of the RBD. Currently they are embarked on it Rebelde Toureven those that will end on December 21st Estadio Aztecaplace to go six times in the Sol Forum of the City of Mexico. Ones authentic titanes.

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TikTokera queda on the street listening to RBD because it was with a hotel reservation

This is not what happened in a simple way. Time to get another heart to hospitalize, if reportó immediately with the company, and he insisted in an indescribable way, with the aim of not letting her be seen, nothing was a simple response like “the rest of us” giving follow-up“.

Upon insistence they would donate the money, because the hotel simply returned and paid them a new payment. Included recurrieron to publicaciones de Facebook para “funarlos“, and it wasn’t until the video was published that they received a response, but until then they didn’t get a response devolution of the money.

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Cynthia has posted numerous videos on TikTok with other fates where she had a much better time. In recent years, for example, she moved to Brazil, but she also lived in Rome and New York. You can also find some recommendations from her birthplace, Querétaro, she can teach you the most incredible things to do, for example, among others.

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