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Violence in schools is on the rise: students must stop bullying and attack their attacker

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The bullying turned to fighting a life in them United States. Authorities informed the intervention in a pleito school which culminated with solid red, detentions and tears of the families involved in their lives. The moment in which these things happened has circulated within the social circles.

In the video you can see who the student is coup for one of his companions who wants to cause them I’m sorryand be followed if more people are there coup. The attacker drops on the floor of the gymnasium, enter patadas y puñetazos at least one ten de personas.

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Bullying scene abandoned the fury of the victim, who punishes the attackers inside the school

The holder fits approximately 10 people. Credit: Imagen de Freepik

In a moment that leaves him free, he stands up, saca a cuchillo y apuñala Without footing all those who are atraviesan, and they try to follow him by coup. Only a little will tell you what it is, especially those who will receive the blades of the cutting punch weapon on different parts of the body.

School authorities informed that one of the students was successful heridoanother regrettable murió Despite the fact that the emergency services took him to the hospital most of all they were looking for, but they couldn’t do anything to save his life. Los reports de la policía de Raleigh they informed, además, the detention of the minor.

at least 10 people were arrested in coups against the youth who ended in prison among the defenders

El menor quedó bajo case. Credit: Imagen de Freepik

It was the staff of the same school who would be advised by God authors locals, those who come immediately to attend the attacks. They were the elder of the 10:50 hour when the actions happened Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School. The school was cerrada a couple of days, and I dared again to realize honors to the less than I lost my life.

“The whole situation is terrible. I feel bad for the other family but, on the other hand, I feel bad for myself because I was playing for my life. It wasn’t just a bad thing. I just don’t think it should have happened. So,” I say. the mother of the minor who was presented before the corresponding authorities.

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The latest reports from the local media indicate that the authors I’m looking for it probable cause of the apuñalamientowhich will give rise to that the 14 year old youth responsible for the attack against his or her school teacher, may be transferred to a Superior Tribunal, where he/she will be treated as an adult.

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