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VIDEOS: This is how the New York Metro trains were shocked for 24 hours

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A total of 24 people participated in this game New York when a train with passengers collided with another train on the Metro which had lost service, an accident caused a large service interruption on the west side of the city and you could continue until the end of the day.

El choque of dos trains from line 1, one of them with 300 passengers, went into a tunnel looking for the station on Calle 96 and Broadway, at 3:00 late (local time), and then informed the president of the New York City Transit (NYCT), Richard Davey, in a press conference.

“Los trains literally, unfortunately at low speed, chocaron at the north of the station,” I said Davey, and I also signaled that he still hopes to keep it service of the trains 1, 2 and 3 that hold this route, I think it will take time to do it completely, even though they will work every night.

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The accident generated a major interruption of service on the western side of New York. PHOTO: X / @nycemergencymgt

The train that was outside of service It was used for work on the streets, and was used for various purposes. He was changing direction when he took off pasajeros in its 10 carriages shocked against it, someone who says Davey “no need to worry”, and who will be part of the investigation carried out by the NYCT, the major public transport agency of the United Statess, managed by the Autoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (MTA).

The MTA doesn’t believe that choque This may have been caused by a malfunction of the team. Davey explained also during the conference that al train Outside of service, a lot of the brake cables were missing emergency and if the majority had been stabilized, one of them prevented the locomotive from rising from the station through the impact.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this and make sure that what happened won’t happen again,” assured Davey.

One of the passers-by told CBS that it was train in which Iba “started to temblar, temblar, temblar, temblar, very strong. All were eaten and gritted. There were many kids. Everyone tries to call 911.”

There policy It helped passengers get into the vehicle and get to the platform. Aunque las heridas fueron leves, some fueron levedos to hospitals searched.

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