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VIDEOS: Amotinamiento in Quito prison due to the escape of “Fito”, leader of Ecuador’s most dangerous prison

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At least two prisons Ecuador they presented disturbances during the morning of this 8th of January, where the leak de Adolfo Macías, alias “Phyto“, who would be the leader of the most dangerous cartel in the country. According to the Ecuadorian authorities, the criminal would find himself locked up inside the carcel Regional of Guayaquil and held a sentence of 34 years among the kings, of which he had completed 12.

It was the morning of this month when the bombers and emergency crews found out that a amotinamiento inside the prison El Inca. On the other hand, communication media reported there prison In Turi some inmates were seen walking through the prison, in the same way many others were seen damaging the security cameras of the penitentiary centre. Please mention that, until now, the authorities have not been pronounced properly.

“Fito” covered a sentence of 34 years in prison. Photo: special.

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What do you know about the escape of “Fito”?

Adolfo Macías, 44 years old, faced 14 legal proceedings for crimes such as robo, organized crime, possession of weapons and assault. According to the authorities, the subject was cabecilla de la criminal gang “Los Choneros”, operational branch of the Sinaloa cartel in Ecuador. This is not the first time that the criminal is leakin February 2013, the 15 members of the criminal gang escaped from a prison of maximum security and remained for 10 months as fugitives.

The authorities atraparon to “Fito” thanks to a complaint received via electronic mail. After his capture, the criminal was taken to the Regional Prison, located in the province of Guayas. It was the end of Sunday, when the penitentiary authorities confirmed that Adolfo Macías he escaped from prison, this place which he had not seen for more than 15 hours in his cell or on the courtyard of the prison.

Policía is looking for “Fito” in Ecuador

At the time of 8:00 pm on Sunday, the Fiscalía de Ecuador god to know that an investigation has begun for the fuga by Adolfo Macías, aliasPhyto“. In this regard, Roberto Izurieta, secretary of Communications, announced that at the time of a meeting of the Council of Security more than three thousand people are participating in an operation to search for the fugitive prisoner.

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