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VIDEOS: 11 people died after the explosion of the Marapi volcano in Indonesia

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El Marapi volcanoin the Indonesian province of West Sumatra, the eruption entered the sun and expelled clouds of white and gray food at more than 3 thousand meters (about 9 million 800 feet) above sea level and brought masses of hot food to several kilometers away, placing en pilgrim to the population and tourists.

During the first few hours there were no casualty reports, he indicated Ahmad Rifandiofficial of Geological Peligro Mitigation Center and Indonesian volcanology at the Marapi watchdog. Two routes for the escalators were closed after the eruption and old-timers received instructions to keep within 3 kilometers of the mouth of the crater and to be careful of possible lava eruptions. Luego was informed about it death of 11 people.

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Approximately 168 rescuers, including police and soldiers, were deployed in Marapi to help the mountaineers

Unos 70 escalators They were forced to suffer the volcanic event of 2 million 900 meters on Saturday and were stopped. Wait for the moment, 49 have been rescued and the rest continue in hope, I say Hari Agustin, official of the local Busy and Rescue Agency in Padan, the capital of the province of Western Sumatra. In a video published in social networks, you can see how the escalators are taken to a hotel with their bezels and hair covered in them volcanic dust y rain.

Various poblados quedaron cubiertos de cenizawho hid the Sun in various places, indicated the voice of the Agencia Nacional de Manejo de Sastres, Abdul Muhari. The authorities are divided masks and instaron to the residents to use gafas to protect yourself from the volcanic fire, in fact.

About 1 million 400 people live in the Marapi mountains, 5 or 6 kilometers away

The alert level of the Marapi was maintained there third of fourreported Muhari, who confirmed that the authorities will monitor the situation after the sensors show a increase in activity in the last few weeks.

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Marapi has been active since black, when it also erupted without causing deaths. It’s among the most 120 active volcanes in Indonesia, which is prone to seismic activity due to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and seismic faults that ravage the Pacific Ocean.

For at least 11 people, all the travelers will be dead

At least 11 senderistas fueron hallados muertos After a volcanic eruption in western Indonesia, a rescue officer informed AFP on Monday. Habia 75 senderistas in the mountains on Saturday. De ese total, 49 lograron bajar from the mountain while 12 continued to disappear.

“There were 26 people who were not evacuated, we met 14 of them, three of them were committed to life and 11 were killed,” said Abdul Malik, head of the Padang Rescue and Rescue Agency, a day after the eruption.

On the other hand, Rudy Rinaldi, the head of the Western Sumatra Disaster Mitigation Office, told the AFP news agency that some of the rescued travelers require medical attention. He specified that “the healers are the ones who most seek the crater”.

With information from AP and AFP

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