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VIDEO: YouTuber enters a dangerous neighborhood to grab a video, and thus save his life

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Kurt Fuckel youtubers South African with just over two thousand 600 million followers YouTube who dedicates herself to traveling around the world, was saved by being attacked by two Argentinians who offered to give her a tour of the neighborhood Villa 31considered one of the greatest peligrosos en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the video that the South African published in the social circles, you can see when he went to the neighborhood where he was attacked by a man who he questioned and if offered to ser on guide of tourists in the area; However, at the moment the YouTuber bought a haircut for him and his new partner, a woman who was in the shop recognized in the guide.

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The two “guides” of Villa 13 that attempted to rob Kurt Caz. Photo: Captura de pantalla

Kurt Caz was listened to in the Villa 31 guides

The woman of the tienda approached the man who asked Kurt Caz, but I immediately advised them to both of them who will be looked after with what they think they can do against the South African influencer who followed in contact with them, confident that they would accompany him in the dangerous area of ​​the Argentine capital:

“Ojo que hace, ah, les estoy avisando”: dependienta de la tienda.

When he paid mil 400 pesos For the two brains, Kurt told him that he wanted to know the neighborhood, and that the man told him that he would be very looked after. “Would you like to know?” asked the second man who was looking for them, to which the youtuber confirmed to ask himself with them on his side tapeworm protection to walk in the neighborhood.

“But why is this?” asked one of the “guides” to what Kurt I’ll repeat that it was on the YouTube channel. At this moment, the two men conversed between them in a suspicious manner and stammering so that the South African does not intend to do so. The three followed by walking while charlando while the influencer assured them that the area did not seem at all hairy.

A parrillero saved Kurt Caz from being caught

When they advance further they reach the end of the neighborhood, the first of the “guides” I’ll ask the other person who leaves him alone with him, but they’ll follow walking together. But to get to the side whence It was a convenience storeone of the trabajadores sent me to Kurt Caz to warn her that she was no longer in the neighborhood.

When it came to the fighter, the YouTuber went back to say hello and the first thing I told him was “Don’t go to the bottom. They’ll rob you. If you go to rob, don’t go to the bottom! ¡No vayas to the bottom!”, emphasized the man who was approached by the “guides” who told her that the influencer was making a documentary, but the man insisted:

“No, don’t go, stop to go away, don’t go to dad, go away”: parrillero.

The two “guides” tried to convince the YouTuber to follow along on the journey, but the speaker stopped them and started discussing them. The clip was short and now the South African appeared again in the picture outside of Villa 31 and I knew what happened whence I’m about to be attacked and including coup.

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