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VIDEO: young man is attacked by a tiburón, pierce the pierna and grab a live to send it

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Only one day later did Mexico learn about the death of a tourist originally from Belgium who was allegedly attacked by a tiburón in Quieta beach, in the port of Zihuatanejo, Guerreroif you want to know the history of this story Matteo Mariottia young Australian who was also attacked by a tiburón and who decided to grab with his cell phone what he considered would be his last minutes with life.

The boy’s story went viral once the clip shared in his story Instagram it was picked up by local and international media, attracting the attention of thousands of users who were surprised by the impressive images in which Matteo was observed, running at full speed to huir the animal and avoiding the attack of others every time tiburónat the time it is desangraba.

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Matteo captured his last moments with life in a live broadcast

Matteo Mariotti’s story has gone viral in recent months. PHOTO: Instagram

Matteo Mariotti if he came across the Whitsundays coast, Australia when he was surprised by a tiburon that attacked him and took away a part of his body. At that moment, he assumed that he would count on a few minutes of life until he began to lose weight, at which point he decided to get a live to despatch your requested evenings.

Fue with help from above cell phone as from now on Instagram I shared the video that took the world by storm, where you can quickly reach the coast to save yourself and avoid a second ataquethe sea of ​​the same animal or of another tiburón that will be attracted by the blood that tinged with red the crystalline and blue waters of the idílic place where it was born.

The young bug was attacked on the coasts of the Whitsundays, Australia. PHOTO: Instagram

Logró save his life to count it: “Never think about surviving this monster”

For three minutes of grabbing, Matteo Mariotti I can get to the beach and start shouting for help, luckily one of his companions heard him and helped him get to safety. It was on his own Instagram account of him as the young buzo informed his followers that he went up with life of the ataquesomething I didn’t hope would happen.

Matteo grabbed the moment he was trying to reach the coast to save himself. PHOTO: Special

“Never mind sobrevivir to this monster. I lose a lot of blood and my heart, I don’t want to leave it alone, but it doesn’t matter to you,” she wrote on the red social media. If she well informed that she lost on her extremity, Matteo I agreed that now my only dream was to turn to your dearest evenings.

“I feel like I can’t answer you, but I’m very upset and I’m in trouble,” he told his more than 18 million followers last Monday, December 11th.

Matteo welcomed the one who saved his life

One of Matteo’s companions listened to his call and helped him get to safety. PHOTO: Special

The young Australian tried to please the person responsible for saving his life, Thomas Agosti: “I’m going home, I love you”. The past miércoles Matteo He decided to post on his Instagram account where he commented that he was happy to have decided to realize this adventure, which is why he ended it “hard and bad”.

“I learned a lot, sometimes everything, from what it means to make great sacrifices and to understand what it means to enjoy life. I’m not bored with this place (Whitsundays, Australia) absolutely, not with the tiburon”, wrote Mariotti.

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