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VIDEO: woman discovers underground refuge of the Second World War on her patio

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How incredible it seems, Rebecca Hobsonone woman At just 34 years old, he met on his own patio a underground refuge which could be reassembled at the time of it Second World War. How? It turns out that when it’s time to take off a dish, you know what it is tunnel located in Kent, one of the districts of England.

By knowing with the report of the international communication media, the older women of the woman will know the past that hides that vivienda. No matter what, it’s until now Rebecca and apparently they made the decision to investigate what was going on at the bottom of the house.

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How did the woman encounter the underground refuge of the Second World War on her patio?

In Rebecca’s patio there was a secret construction. Credits: TikTok.

Follow with information The Nationwhat happened was that after the neighbors in the area advised them to Rebecca you know what I need from you vivienda had one secret constructionthey began the tasks to look for prove it.

In this case, the team used a shovel and an internal blade to begin to excavate the area located above garden. So it was as they finally met — through a person who was in the land — the famous pasadizo occult.

How was it in the underground refuge of the Second World War that he met the woman on his patio?

The túnl surprises users of social networks. Credits: TikTok.

After the search jobs, that’s it Rebecca y su familia hallaron en el hidden refuge there were stairs that led to a corridor in complete darkness and no dust. Similarly, they can locate a series of objects that remain on the site such as oxidized metal instruments.

Indeed, across the TikTok platform, they have shared a series of videos making trips to the site. Here you can see that the ground is filled with light earth and the route always follows the steps. Please note that in the outlets that are in social circles it is also possible to observe how you have installed electrical energy in the place.

The discovery of this family in England It caused a lot of surprise among Internet users. Currently the images of the discovery are looking for 2 thousand views and hundreds of comments from people who express their wonder about the hall.

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