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VIDEO: With pack in hand, Santa Claus captures two alleged drug traffickers in Peru

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Santa Claus stood on his horse for a moment to fight narcotrafic in the city of Huaral en Peruwhere he participated in a fight operating to detain narcotics who operate in the region located to the north of the capital File. The intervention of the official clothing policy Dad Noel that was grabbed and shared in the social circles.

El Santa was an agent of the Peruvian police who acted as a domicile where the narcotraficantes operated, so they could not escape the tenacity shown by Santa Claus and his fellow policemen who worked for a long time to give the coup to the narco.

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Santa logró the arrest of two narcos in Peru. Photo: Captura de pantalla

So Santa acted to detain narcos in Peru

In the clip shared in the social networks, observe when Santa Claus He went to a house located in a considered dangerous neighborhood of Huaral, where Father Noel took a mazo to go directly to the entrance of the house to begin to forcefully strike the door to log in.

While the rest of the police comrades stormed the house and some of them were put to the test to begin to enter the army. In the place there were two drug traffickers who came to Santa Claus and the uniformed men did not resist when they were arrested.

Inside the life, Santa and the police encountered doses of marijuana and cocaine. According to the local police, the misdemeanor of Santa Claus was used to spread in the dangerous neighborhoods where the drug Pandemic increased, which no one suspected so that the police kept watch over the traffickers.

The Peruvian police brought up the operational team with one of its agents as disgraced as Father Noel, for a year now and the anti-drug police used the trick to prevent 6 million bags of cocaine based paste on that occasion.

On this occasion they also confiscated more than 100 bags of cocaine and more than 300 bags of marijuana. In this operational period, the police recorded the arrest of the two narcos who were in the house where they operated the distribution and sale of illicit drugs.

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