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VIDEO | With a pole and pan tongs, two women can run towards a thief

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To defend what is good and so they demonstrated it two women people, armed with bread tongs and a pole, asked a thief to pick up salt while running from a bread shop.

They were hired in the local area, located in the Morelos colony of the Mexican municipality of Ixtapalucawhere a man approached the dueña of the bread to a customer who made his daily purchases.

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By firing a firearm, the criminal demanded the jaws of the day at the end of the day panaderia, I explained to you that I didn’t have anything. Following this, the alleged thief ordered her to tell her on her cell phone.

In the end, the bread pan was picked up and the customer placed it, throwing them tongs for the pan, why the topic came out of the place. To this day, as many detonations as possible can be heard from the subject.

No detainees

Hacia el final del video de la security camera Shared in social circles, it can be seen how the children are wondering how the persecution carried out by women continued.

Until now, local authorities have not been informed about the capture of the alleged criminalwho was with empty hands of this panadería to try to put it on last December 1st.

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