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VIDEO Was it a comet? Avistan bólido en CDMX y Popocatépetl

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Security cameras and inhabitants of the City of Mexico and the State of Mexico captured images of a racing car the vispera. Based on reports from WebCams from Mexico, the phenomenon can be observed from 06:13 to 06:21 hours on February 23, 2024.

The senior geologist of the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN), Sergio Almazán, the phenomenon may have become a comet. The scientist is National Award 2003, author of the book “Planeta Tierra, geological findings and natural disasters” and indicates that the light that can be observed could be treated comet “12P/Pons-Brooks or something that has been mentioned today”. However, Almazán says I will investigate what it is about.

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Bolido or comet?

The Master of Science Daniel Flores, meteorological expert of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explains in the newspaper of the largest home of studies that a fireball is “an object that crosses the atmosphere, produces any atmospheric phenomenon and follows on fireplace”, unlike meteorites, which fall on the surface of the Earth.

Due to the fact that it is possible that when observing it the hope is a fireball, as “these types of objects are what we call fireballs, occurring between black and cold, penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere, but not touching the surface of the Earth”. On the other hand, comets are phenomena that follow an orbit above the sun, which in some way makes them cyclical.

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