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VIDEO | Tren gets in a taxi and tries to get her to go

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The driver of a taxi attempted to pass her by to a train while it was circulating in the vicinity of the Plaza Las Americasen Hecatepecbut ended up being hit by the railway carriage.

Those who were booked at 9pm on the avenue Primero de Mayo of the Mexican entity, where the chofer of the transport of the alquiler attempted to cross the streets, weighing the constant warnings realized from the locomotive.

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Tras el coup del railcarrilThe compact car was parked for about 20 metres. Unfortunately, Pasajera, 40 years old, was injured, which is why she was transferred to a hospital.

Elements of Civil Protection y de la Policía Municipal de Ecatepec they moved to the site of the accident, where they paid attention to the victims and worked in the pickup of the driver’s car on the train routes.

Accident affecting traffic in Mexico

Due to the removal of the left car due to impact with the train, line 1 of the Mexibus It was suspended for several minutes, affecting hundreds of people who used it to bring it to their homes.

Additionally, there is a lot of traffic on the avenues Las Americas y Central It is affected by the work carried out by the rescue elements of the Mexican municipality in the media.

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