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VIDEO: Trap a piece of remo in the Dominican Republic and cause panic, believe that it portends an earthquake

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Social networks have become a fertile land of viral and impactful videos related to nature. On this occasion there is a popular clip showing the moment in question a piece of oar is located in las orillas of the playa in the Dominican Republic, which has revealed various theories among users of Facebook and X, previously known as Twitter.

In the images you can observe a group of children playing with the also known “earthquake” on the site known as playa Montecristi. The second clip has taken strength due to a sufficiently dangerous symbolism for the inhabitants of that community.

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The deputy minister of Costeros and Marinos of the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, José Ramón Reyes, confirmed the statement for the medium Diario Libre, noting to the people that it is not a dangerous animal. “It is an animal of the depths, it is rare to meet it on the surface,” he declared.

This means the location of this species

Authorities from that country explained that the animal encountered is there especies Regalecus glesne. The omens described in this piece come from the Asian continent, specifically in Japan, where these animals are known as ‘Ryugu no tsukai’, in translation “mensajero del palacio del dios del mar”.

Japanese mythology states that on the paper of these fishes is the “mensajeros of the sea”, therefore its appearance on the surface is a negative signal to be understood about the future warning of tsunamis and earthquakes. And it is not only the message that the animal sends, but also the presence of another monumental creature.

In the land of the rising sun there is the legend of “Namazu”, a monster that lives in the depths of the sea, and that at certain times is deserted, because its movements produce strong climatic phenomena that put the lives of thousands of people in jeopardy .

The legend was released in 2011

The story and appearance of a piece of the earth took place most forcefully in the year 2011, when a megaearthquake struck the city of Tohoku. The phenomenon recorded an earthquake of 9.1 and 40 meters above sea level, leading to more than 20 million fallacies in the area.

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